Skunks at Camp

Mother Streusel

A cabin of stinky skunks

Were snuggled in their bunks

The moon outside shone bright

Mother Streusel

The pine tree needles shook

As the breeze traversed a brook

On a mountain summer night

Mother Streusel

All around was quiet

And though they would deny it

The skunks snuck out of bed

Mother Streusel

They slunk across the lawn

And soon they came upon

A cabin painted red

Mother Streusel

Into windows and the door

A stench began to pour

From each little skunk

Mother Streusel

That cabin full of girls,

Mostly fuzzy squirrels

Awoke and how they stunk!

Mother Streusel

They vowed those skunks would pay

They tattled the next day

And made an awful fuss

Mother Streusel

Those sly skunks once accused

Asked as if confused,

“What makes you think it’s us?”

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

I Am a Nerdy Squirrel

(This poem was inspired by a request from Melissa for a poem about squirrels. I hope she likes it.)

I am a nerdy squirrel

The nerdiest in the land

When the teacher asks a question

I always raise my hand

Mother Streusel

I’m an expert on Squirrel Wars

And also on Squirrel Trek

I can question any answer

Given by Alex Squirrelbek

Mother Streusel

I’m collecting books

While other squirrels store nuts

And I always follow rules

So don’t ask me for cuts

Mother Streusel

I’m into online dating

But before I give my heart

I give a quiz on chemistry

To make sure that they’re smart

Mother Streusel

I play Squirreled of Squirrelcraft

I’m a Doctor Squirrel fan

I collect action squirrels

My favorite one is Squirrelman

    Mother Streusel

I have an A in calculus

P.E. makes me hurl

My pockets are protected

‘Cause I’m a nerdy squirrel

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell