My Cat Does Tricks

(This poem was written for Michelle, who suggested I write a poem about cats. This poem is for amusement only and should not be used in the training of cats. In other words, do not try this at home!)

Mother Streusel

They say dogs do more tricks than cats

I have to disagree

My cat does everything my dog does

And just as well as he

Mother Streusel

My cat flies across the yard

When I throw a stick or ball

My cat comes to me immediately

When he hears me call

Mother Streusel

My cat can swim the river

My cat can chase a car

My cat stays put when I say sit

Some think it quite bizarre

Mother Streusel

How is it that my cat does more

Than lay there like a log?

I put him in a basket

And then strapped it to the dog

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell