Aunt Mabel

        Mother Streusel

Whenever we have dinner

At the home of my Aunt Mabel,

I must be extra careful

And polite while at the table.

Mother Streusel

Aunt Mabel is quite sensitive

To any sign of crudeness,

And I never can predict what words

Offend her with their rudeness.

Mother Streusel

She asks me what I’m learning

And expects me to reply.

I try to answer safely,

But things often go awry.

Mother Streusel

One year it was the alphabet.

What problems could there be?

Aunt Mabel lost her temper

When I said the letter P.

Mother Streusel

Aunt Mabel started choking

Upon a piece of onion

When I said my class had read

The tall tale of Paul Bunyan.

Mother Streusel

One year we got into a fight.

She said that I began it,

Because I said uranus

While listing off each planet.

Mother Streusel

You doubt she is that sensitive?

I promise you that it’s true.

Last year she nearly sent me home

When I said the word shampoo.

Mother Streusel

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell


   Mother Streusel

I’m having a dilemma

And need some help please!

If I don’t wear a belt

My pants fall to my knees

And if I wear a belt

It’s so tight I will pop

I can hardly breathe

And I have a muffin top

Mother Streusel

I try to adjust it

To get the belt just right

But every setting seems to be

Too loose or tight

I’ve tried each type of belt

Leather, cloth and plastic

I thought I solved my problem

When I tried elastic

Mother Streusel

Until that belt stretched out

It was quite immodest

My pants fell down at school

And they sent me to the office

The principal looked stern

I didn’t have a chance

I trembled as I stood

Holding tightly to my pants

Mother Streusel

He said, “I have decided

The verdict to be rendered

Is for you to be

Immediately suspendered.”

Facebook Contest!

Have a poem written about your child, your dog, your best friend or yourself!

Have a poem written about your child, your dog, your best friend or yourself!

Because this site is new

In case you haven’t heard

I’m having a little contest

To try to spread the word

I will write a poem

About the winner or their kid

Or whoever they want

It could even be a squid

The poem will be published here

And also in awhile

In a Mother Streusel poetry book

Which I hope will make you smile

Comment on our Facebook page

All you have to do is write it

Then do whatever it takes

To get people to “like it”

If your comment is liked most

Then clearly you’ll have won

I’m excited about your entry

I think this will be fun!

I’m looking forward to seeing your comments and posts on

You can post a picture of the person you want your poem about, a poem of your own, a clever little saying, or a plea for votes. It’s really up to you what you write (as long as it is during the month of February and kid-friendly!) The contest will close on the last day of February and the winner will be announced the following week. The winner will get to tell me who they want their poem about and what else they want in the poem (like hobbies, interests, favorite things or even a made-up adventure.) The winner may also have the poem be about more than one person provided they are siblings. will reserve all rights to the poem. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Thanks to all who participated! You can see the winner’s poem here

The Hamster

My friends call me “The Hamster”

I don’t know why but often wonder,

“Why do they call me ‘The Hamster?’”

It’s a question that I ponder

Mother Streusel

I ask why while I try on pants

In a short and husky size

You can see the question linger

In my beady little eyes

Mother Streusel

“Why does my girlfriend call me ‘Hamster?’”

I wonder before I to go meet her

As I brush my large front teeth

And spray cologne that smells like cedar

CAM01938 5

I stroke my golden whiskers

And think with all my might

Good thing I like to stay up late

Or it might keep me up at night

CAM01938 2

I eat carrots, seeds and even nuts

I just don’t understand

Why do they call me “The Hamster”

When I’ve never eaten ham

CAM01938 3

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

Green Orange Blues

An orange orange is sweet

An orange orange is great

A green orange is not

So a green orange waits

Mother Streusel

When a green orange waits

There is not much to do

So the green orange read

And the green orange blew

Mother Streusel

The green orange’s plan

Was very, very simple

The green orange tanned

Every green orange dimple

Mother Streusel

Did the green orange brown

In the yellow sun’s heat?

No, the green orange oranged

Now it’s orange orange sweet

 Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell