The Perfect Day

       Mother Streusel

I’ll daydream for a moment

And imagine something fine

The most heavenly day ever

A day perfectly mine

Mother Streusel

I’ll wake up at a sleepover

To sunshine and birdsong

Probably in Florida

‘Cause that’s where I belong

Mother Streusel

I’ll wear my purple dress

Then get something to eat

Perhaps a piece of pizza

Or anything that’s sweet

Mother Streusel

I’ll go dress up my dolls

To make sure they look pretty

And then build them a castle

Or maybe a whole city

Mother Streusel

I’ll paint a lovely painting

And jump on a trampoline

While riding on a pony

And then I’ll become queen

Mother Streusel

Or maybe be a doctor

To help kids who are sick

I’ll make medicine that tastes

Like candy on a stick

Mother Streusel

My head will hit my pillow

When that day finally ends

…Or maybe I will have

Another sleepover with friends

 © 2014 Karyn Linnell

Joy Gloom

Joy Gloom walked in the room

“It’s such a lovely day!

I’ve got a lot of money

And no bills I need to pay…

Mother Streusel

“Except for my electric bill

Which this month was double

And my phone bill and my rent

Oh no, I think I am in trouble.”

Mother Streusel

Joy Gloom was asked a question

By a friend at work.

“How was your trip to see your cousin?”

“Great! He’s such a jerk.”

Mother Streusel

Joy Gloom stayed at an inn

And stopped by the front desk

“How is your room?” the clerk asked

Joy said, “Oh, it’s the best!


“The room is very lovely

Though it smells like rotten eggs

And there’s not a single cobweb

Just those ten daddy-long-legs.”


The clerk was quite confused

So he asked, “How did you sleep?”

Joy Gloom said, “Like a baby!

I didn’t hear a peep!

Mother Streusel

“Except for those two tomcats

That had an awful brawl

And I think perhaps a marching band

Was playing in the hall.”


Joy Gloom’s friends set her up

With a guy on a blind date

He had no ears, his teeth were black

Joy Gloom said, “Oh, he’s great.”



© 2014 Karyn Linnell