The Kite

Mother Streusel

The wind was wildly blowing

On a bright and clear day

When a kite came out of nowhere

And flew in a bale of hay

Mother Streusel

It’d been running from its owner

Too wild to be tied down

But soon after gaining freedom

It went diving toward the ground

Mother Streusel

And so it lay there stuck

No sign of hope in sight

When a cow came toward the haystack

Large and black and white

Mother Streusel

It nibbled at the lovely hay

And soon the kite came loose

But before it could sail away

Its string caught on a hoof

Mother Streusel

And somewhere in Wisconsin

Large and black and white

In a field of daisies

Is a cow flying a kite

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

Dickens’ Chickens

 Farmer Dickens had a farm

With chickens oh so bad

Those chickens pulled the fire alarm

Just to make Old Dickens mad

Mother Streusel

Those chickens pecked a hole

Into his bathroom wall

They put worms in his toilet bowl

And ran screeching down the hall

Mother Streusel

Those chickens stole his tractor keys

And drove it into town

They got chased by the police

Who locked them in the pound

Mother Streusel

Just to get his tractor

Dickens had to pay their bail

Not sure if those chickens are a factor

But I hear his farm’s for sale

Mother Streusel


© 2014 Karyn Linnell