Mother Streusel Will Be Battling In A Poetry Competition AND She Has Written A Book!!!!

Mother Streusel

Guess what? I, Karyn Linnell, AKA Mother Streusel, will be competing in a highly prestigious children’s poetry competition in just a few days! It is the 2014 March Madness Poetry competition where amazing poets, or “Authletes,” from all over the world are pitted against each other until only one poet remains! There are only 64 spots in the competition, and only half the poets make it past the first round. Most of the “Authletes” competing are well-known poets who have published books of poetry. Let’s just say this is going to be tough! This is about as intense as it gets in the world of children’s poetry. You will probably be hearing many pleas for votes from me, because I want to win!!! You can follow the competition here at The competition starts on St. Patricks Day, and you can begin voting for my poem on March 19th!

Mother Streusel

Mother Streusel

Also, every “Authlete” will be donating a book of poetry, and all of those books will be won by one lucky classroom. I decided to create a book of Mother Streusel’s Useless Rhymes called Ugh! Ink Is Getting Everywhere to donate. It has 40 poems, and about a dozen of them have never been published on this blog…and they never will be! Bwa ha ha! Wish you had a book of Mother Streusel’s Useless Rhymes, too? You can get Ugh! Ink Is Getting Everywhere here in either paperback or hardcover. If you would like signed copy, please email me at to pre-order. I will be placing a bulk order when I have 25 people who want signed copies.

Mother Streusel

This is the front of the book…

...and this is the back of the book!

…and this is the back of the book!

I am very excited about this competition, and I hope that you will vote for me (unless you like my competitor’s poem better.) It’s a really fun and exciting event, so be sure to follow along at I and all the other “Authletes” really appreciate your participation! It’s what makes March Madness Poetry so much fun.

Facebook Contest!

Have a poem written about your child, your dog, your best friend or yourself!

Have a poem written about your child, your dog, your best friend or yourself!

Because this site is new

In case you haven’t heard

I’m having a little contest

To try to spread the word

I will write a poem

About the winner or their kid

Or whoever they want

It could even be a squid

The poem will be published here

And also in awhile

In a Mother Streusel poetry book

Which I hope will make you smile

Comment on our Facebook page

All you have to do is write it

Then do whatever it takes

To get people to “like it”

If your comment is liked most

Then clearly you’ll have won

I’m excited about your entry

I think this will be fun!

I’m looking forward to seeing your comments and posts on

You can post a picture of the person you want your poem about, a poem of your own, a clever little saying, or a plea for votes. It’s really up to you what you write (as long as it is during the month of February and kid-friendly!) The contest will close on the last day of February and the winner will be announced the following week. The winner will get to tell me who they want their poem about and what else they want in the poem (like hobbies, interests, favorite things or even a made-up adventure.) The winner may also have the poem be about more than one person provided they are siblings. will reserve all rights to the poem. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Thanks to all who participated! You can see the winner’s poem here