Mother Streusel

Mother Streusel

My love for you is like a star

Sparkling and spangled

Like octopus’s tentacles

My heart is all a tangled

Mother Streusel

Mother Streusel

My love for you is like a fruit

Perfectly we’re peared

My love is like a spiderweb

I have been ensnared

Mother Streusel

Mother Streusel

My love is like a sparrow

My heart is always singing

My love is like a monkey

With all the joy I’m flinging

Mother Streusel

My love for you is like a mirror

It makes me see so clearly

My love is like a bulldog’s bite

I hold onto you dearly

Mother Streusel

My love is nothing like an owl

I am not asking hoo

My love is like caller ID

I already know it’s you



Mother Streusel

I always wear a hat

Each day of the week

Because of all the food that

My hats will let me sneak

Mother Streusel

My top hat at the movies

Can keep popcorn secluded

And porkpie hats are excellent

For all pies, pork included

Mother Streusel

At the bowling alley

My bowler hat hides fries

So I don’t have share them

With any other guys

Mother Streusel

Homburgs hide my hamburgers

Beanies hide my beans

Bananas in my Panama

My green eyeshade’s for greens

Mother Streusel

Akubra to zucchetto

Snacks and feasts and meals

I never have to leave behind

The food my hat conceals

Mother Streusel

While I don’t go hungry

The one downside is that

Folks look at you funny

When you eat out of a hat

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

The Kite

Mother Streusel

The wind was wildly blowing

On a bright and clear day

When a kite came out of nowhere

And flew in a bale of hay

Mother Streusel

It’d been running from its owner

Too wild to be tied down

But soon after gaining freedom

It went diving toward the ground

Mother Streusel

And so it lay there stuck

No sign of hope in sight

When a cow came toward the haystack

Large and black and white

Mother Streusel

It nibbled at the lovely hay

And soon the kite came loose

But before it could sail away

Its string caught on a hoof

Mother Streusel

And somewhere in Wisconsin

Large and black and white

In a field of daisies

Is a cow flying a kite

© 2014 Karyn Linnell



Big bears

Little bears

In the house

On the stairs

Doing dances

Like the limbo

Standing with

Their arms akimbo

In the kitchen

Eating scones

In the street

With traffic cones



In the tub

In the den

This one slobbered

On my pen


The ink leaked

His face is black

No, I do not

Want it back!


No, don’t put it

On the chair!

Ugg! Ink is getting


Clean this up!

Seriously, I mean it.

What do you mean

That I should clean it?!


You made this mess!

Don’t ask when!

I just watched you

Chew my pen!

It’s not my fault

That the pen burst!

Bears for roommates

Are the worst

© 2014 Karyn Linnell