I Am a Nerdy Squirrel

(This poem was inspired by a request from Melissa for a poem about squirrels. I hope she likes it.)

I am a nerdy squirrel

The nerdiest in the land

When the teacher asks a question

I always raise my hand

Mother Streusel

I’m an expert on Squirrel Wars

And also on Squirrel Trek

I can question any answer

Given by Alex Squirrelbek

Mother Streusel

I’m collecting books

While other squirrels store nuts

And I always follow rules

So don’t ask me for cuts

Mother Streusel

I’m into online dating

But before I give my heart

I give a quiz on chemistry

To make sure that they’re smart

Mother Streusel

I play Squirreled of Squirrelcraft

I’m a Doctor Squirrel fan

I collect action squirrels

My favorite one is Squirrelman

    Mother Streusel

I have an A in calculus

P.E. makes me hurl

My pockets are protected

‘Cause I’m a nerdy squirrel

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell