Mom’s Chocolate Cake

Mother Streusel

“Mom I’d love some chocolate cake.

I’ve really got a craving”

“Well, you’re in luck. I think I’ve got

Some cake that I’ve been saving.

Mother Streusel

Oops I was mistaken.

It isn’t cake, it’s pie,

Delicious chocolate mousse

With whipped cream piled high.”

Mother Streusel

“I guess that’d be alright.

Pie is also good.

Would you bring it to me please?”

“Why, yes, of course I would.

Mother Streusel

Hmm, seems I was wrong again.

It isn’t chocolate cream.

Turns out it’s banana,

But it tastes just like a dream”

Mother Streusel

“I guess banana pie is fine.

Wait, Mom, there’s some mistake.

This is a banana!”

“Yes, that’s nature’s chocolate cake.”

Mother Streusel 


©2014 Karyn Linnell



(This poem is meant to be silly and may or may not be true. It is, however, more true than not. Please be kind to butterflies, though feel free to move away if one tries to land on you.)

People think that butterflies

Are perfect and pure

Well I am a butterfly

And that’s not really true

Mother Streusel

People are happy

When a butterfly comes close

But a butterfly’s an insect

And all insects are gross

Mother Streusel

Even though we’re pretty

And we don’t give bites or stings

We’re rude and crude and smelly

And we like disgusting things

Mother Streusel

Oh sure I drink nectar

I like anything that’s wet

But that includes rotten fruit

Puddles, dung and sweat

Mother Streusel

So if I land on you

Don’t feel special that I picked you

Instead you should wash that spot

‘Cause guess what? I just licked you!

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

The Taster

I own a little ice cream shop

It’s quite a lot of labor

I make it all myself from scratch

Every single flavor

Mother Streusel

I’m happy to oblige

When people want a sample

I grab a spoon and load it

With a bite that’s rather ample

Mother Streusel

One day a customer walked in

And noticed my selection

“What a lot of choices you have!

This simply is perfection!”

 Mother Streusel

I smiled at her with pride

“Is there one you’d like to taste?”

She nodded to the strawberry

Without a moment’s haste

Mother StreuselMother Streusel

“This really is delicious

But not what I had in mind.”

I let her try the chocolate

“Mmm, this simply is divine!”

 Mother Streusel

She pointed to vanilla

Coconut and peach

“I hate to be a bother

Could I have a taste of each?”

 Mother Streusel

I hid my annoyance

The day was hot and fine

The customers were coming

She was holding up the line

 Mother Streusel

“I’d love to try that butter rum

And then cookies and cream.”

Behind her people grumbled

Some of them looked mean

 Mother Streusel

Mint, pistachio, lemon glaze,

Melon, caramel.

Right after every taste she’d say

“I’ll try that one as well.”

 Mother Streusel

Orange, cherry, rocky road

Birthday cake, gumball

Peanut butter, mint and chip

She soon had tried them all

Mother Streusel

She thanked me for the samples

“No trouble, Ma’am,” I lied

“On what size and flavor

Did you happen to decide?”

Mother Streusel

She smiled and she said,

“Oh no, I just wanted to try it.

I really can’t eat ice cream right now

Because I’m on a diet.”

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell