The Robot

Mother Streusel

This summer I’m building a robot,

A robot that looks just like me.

He’ll do all my chores and my homework.

Soon all of my time will be free.

Mother Streusel

I’ve told everybody about it.

They’ll see what a genius I am

When he attends all of my classes,

While I stay at home eating jam.

Mother Streusel

I’ve tinkered each day in my bedroom.

I shut the blinds and locked the door.

The summer has flown by like lightning.

There’s only a week or two more.

Mother Streusel

It seems now I have a dilemma

With my life-sized robotic man:

Although he does carry my likeness,

He can’t do the things that I’ve planned!

Mother Streusel

School is beginning tomorrow.

It seems all my great plans fell through.

I can’t let them think I’m a failure.

There’s only one thing I can do:

     Mother Streusel

I’ll walk and talk like a robot

While he’s at home behind closed doors,

He’ll lay in bed just like I would

And I’ll go to class and do chores.

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

The Library Book

    Mother Streusel

I borrowed a book from the library

There still are three weeks till it is due

I’m sure I can read the whole book by then

In fact it might only take two

Mother Streusel

It seems now I have missed the deadline

The book was due two days ago

I hate to return it before it’s been read,

This book full of things I should know

Mother Streusel

It’s been now a month since the due date

I’ve just read a handful of lines

The library’s leaving me messages

I’ve racked up a long row of fines

Mother Streusel

The library finally stopped calling

Perhaps ‘cause I moved out of state

It’s been two long years since I borrowed that book

I read it today and it’s great.

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

Vote for Karyn AKA Mother Streusel’s Poem “Spring Break”

Mother Streusel

You can vote for her poem “Spring Break” at

Spring Break

You might think I’m a liar, maybe blame confabulation,

When I tell you all the details of my crazy spring vacation

We planned a quiet trip by bus, me and my cousin Mona

To the hot air balloon festival held in Arizona

To our surprise the bus was full of women in their eighties

One gave us both makeovers (We looked more like clowns than ladies)

We took a restroom break and things really went downhill

We ran into a circus on its way down to Brazil

They thought we were performers; they just spoke Portuguese

We found ourselves upon a plane despite our urgent pleas

In Rio de Janeiro we finally got away

We needed to get home but we had no way to pay

We were hired by a squid boat but a giant squid was tracking us

Then in the Gulf of Mexico the squid started attacking us

Me and Mona got away and crawled along the shoal

We were covered all in seaweed; they called animal control

When they saw that we were human, not some oceanic creature

We were taken to a shelter run by a Baptist preacher

We told the man our story and when we said “hot air”

And mentioned Arizona he said he’d take us there

In his hot air balloon shaped like a butterfly

We climbed aboard and soon we were all floating in the sky

We got to Arizona and found our tour bus

The same old ladies were on board; they all smiled at us.

We thought we could relax; we were ready for a snooze

When an old lady offered to give us both tattoos

I know you don’t believe me; even I think it’s surreal

But the shaky kitten on my arm reminds me it was real



You can vote for Karyn’s funny kid’s poem “Spring Break” at


You can vote for Karyn’s poem “Spring Break” at

Mother Streusel is Officially in the FINAL FOUR!!!!!!

I have written one of the most outrageous, ridiculous poems ever!!! It’s called “Spring Break,” and I HAD to use the word confabulation, which means a few different things. I chose to go with the psychology term which means when you have memories that didn’t really happen but you think they are real.

The battle is underway! Voting is open until late Monday morning and you can vote here:


I (Barely) Made It To Round Five!!! I’m In The Final Four!!!

I am so excited to have made it into the final four in the March Madness Poetry competition at My reward for barely sneaking past the last round? Going up against one of the most popular Authletes in this entire competition. His name is Samuel Kent and you can check out his awesome drawings and poems at
So, friends, family, fans…get ready to vote!!! Round 5 starts on Friday!!! I can’t believe I’m still in this thing, but I’m glad I am!
Want to see how close the last round was? You can see it here: