I Made It To Round Four!!!!!!

I’ve been battling other poets in the March Madness Poetry competition hosted by http://www.thinkkidthink.com. Every round half of the contestants are eliminating, meaning that it is tough!!! I’m still in it! You can see and hopefully vote for my poem, The Magnificent Ford, by clicking here:


Mother Streusel


Karyn Linnell AKA Mother Streusel made it to round 4! You can see her poem, The Magnificent Ford, by clicking this picture!


My word was “unsustainable.” While in our current society, many would instantly think of the environment as the word sustainable is closely linked to it, the word unsustainable instantly made me think of adventure, danger, and things that could not be kept going for very long.

Here is the first poem I wrote. I love how it curves on the right margin like a racetrack.

Dashing Dan the racecar man

grinds the gears of his

six-cylander steed…

Careening around

the concrete corners at

unsustainable breakneck speed

Has he done it? Has he won it? Yes, he has indeed!


One of the other poets wrote about racing, so I’m glad I kept writing.  What do you think of “The Magnificent Ford?” Have you read any of the other poems in round 4? Which one is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “I Made It To Round Four!!!!!!

  1. I liked both of them and I voted for you again.

    My granddaughter’s a poet with verbosity galore,
    soon the whole world will know it and they’ll run to the store,
    to purchase the latest and best book by far,
    the one written by Karyn, the Writers Guild star!

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