The Taster

I own a little ice cream shop

It’s quite a lot of labor

I make it all myself from scratch

Every single flavor

Mother Streusel

I’m happy to oblige

When people want a sample

I grab a spoon and load it

With a bite that’s rather ample

Mother Streusel

One day a customer walked in

And noticed my selection

“What a lot of choices you have!

This simply is perfection!”

 Mother Streusel

I smiled at her with pride

“Is there one you’d like to taste?”

She nodded to the strawberry

Without a moment’s haste

Mother StreuselMother Streusel

“This really is delicious

But not what I had in mind.”

I let her try the chocolate

“Mmm, this simply is divine!”

 Mother Streusel

She pointed to vanilla

Coconut and peach

“I hate to be a bother

Could I have a taste of each?”

 Mother Streusel

I hid my annoyance

The day was hot and fine

The customers were coming

She was holding up the line

 Mother Streusel

“I’d love to try that butter rum

And then cookies and cream.”

Behind her people grumbled

Some of them looked mean

 Mother Streusel

Mint, pistachio, lemon glaze,

Melon, caramel.

Right after every taste she’d say

“I’ll try that one as well.”

 Mother Streusel

Orange, cherry, rocky road

Birthday cake, gumball

Peanut butter, mint and chip

She soon had tried them all

Mother Streusel

She thanked me for the samples

“No trouble, Ma’am,” I lied

“On what size and flavor

Did you happen to decide?”

Mother Streusel

She smiled and she said,

“Oh no, I just wanted to try it.

I really can’t eat ice cream right now

Because I’m on a diet.”

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell



Big bears

Little bears

In the house

On the stairs

Doing dances

Like the limbo

Standing with

Their arms akimbo

In the kitchen

Eating scones

In the street

With traffic cones



In the tub

In the den

This one slobbered

On my pen


The ink leaked

His face is black

No, I do not

Want it back!


No, don’t put it

On the chair!

Ugg! Ink is getting


Clean this up!

Seriously, I mean it.

What do you mean

That I should clean it?!


You made this mess!

Don’t ask when!

I just watched you

Chew my pen!

It’s not my fault

That the pen burst!

Bears for roommates

Are the worst

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

My Cat Does Tricks

(This poem was written for Michelle, who suggested I write a poem about cats. This poem is for amusement only and should not be used in the training of cats. In other words, do not try this at home!)

Mother Streusel

They say dogs do more tricks than cats

I have to disagree

My cat does everything my dog does

And just as well as he

Mother Streusel

My cat flies across the yard

When I throw a stick or ball

My cat comes to me immediately

When he hears me call

Mother Streusel

My cat can swim the river

My cat can chase a car

My cat stays put when I say sit

Some think it quite bizarre

Mother Streusel

How is it that my cat does more

Than lay there like a log?

I put him in a basket

And then strapped it to the dog

Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

The Hamster

My friends call me “The Hamster”

I don’t know why but often wonder,

“Why do they call me ‘The Hamster?’”

It’s a question that I ponder

Mother Streusel

I ask why while I try on pants

In a short and husky size

You can see the question linger

In my beady little eyes

Mother Streusel

“Why does my girlfriend call me ‘Hamster?’”

I wonder before I to go meet her

As I brush my large front teeth

And spray cologne that smells like cedar

CAM01938 5

I stroke my golden whiskers

And think with all my might

Good thing I like to stay up late

Or it might keep me up at night

CAM01938 2

I eat carrots, seeds and even nuts

I just don’t understand

Why do they call me “The Hamster”

When I’ve never eaten ham

CAM01938 3

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

Joy Gloom

Joy Gloom walked in the room

“It’s such a lovely day!

I’ve got a lot of money

And no bills I need to pay…

Mother Streusel

“Except for my electric bill

Which this month was double

And my phone bill and my rent

Oh no, I think I am in trouble.”

Mother Streusel

Joy Gloom was asked a question

By a friend at work.

“How was your trip to see your cousin?”

“Great! He’s such a jerk.”

Mother Streusel

Joy Gloom stayed at an inn

And stopped by the front desk

“How is your room?” the clerk asked

Joy said, “Oh, it’s the best!


“The room is very lovely

Though it smells like rotten eggs

And there’s not a single cobweb

Just those ten daddy-long-legs.”


The clerk was quite confused

So he asked, “How did you sleep?”

Joy Gloom said, “Like a baby!

I didn’t hear a peep!

Mother Streusel

“Except for those two tomcats

That had an awful brawl

And I think perhaps a marching band

Was playing in the hall.”


Joy Gloom’s friends set her up

With a guy on a blind date

He had no ears, his teeth were black

Joy Gloom said, “Oh, he’s great.”



© 2014 Karyn Linnell

Green Orange Blues

An orange orange is sweet

An orange orange is great

A green orange is not

So a green orange waits

Mother Streusel

When a green orange waits

There is not much to do

So the green orange read

And the green orange blew

Mother Streusel

The green orange’s plan

Was very, very simple

The green orange tanned

Every green orange dimple

Mother Streusel

Did the green orange brown

In the yellow sun’s heat?

No, the green orange oranged

Now it’s orange orange sweet

 Mother Streusel

© 2014 Karyn Linnell

Dickens’ Chickens

 Farmer Dickens had a farm

With chickens oh so bad

Those chickens pulled the fire alarm

Just to make Old Dickens mad

Mother Streusel

Those chickens pecked a hole

Into his bathroom wall

They put worms in his toilet bowl

And ran screeching down the hall

Mother Streusel

Those chickens stole his tractor keys

And drove it into town

They got chased by the police

Who locked them in the pound

Mother Streusel

Just to get his tractor

Dickens had to pay their bail

Not sure if those chickens are a factor

But I hear his farm’s for sale

Mother Streusel


© 2014 Karyn Linnell